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Blue and White 1 week old kitten





Chocolate Male
3 weeks



Blue & White Male

2 weeks





Vande Bald's Mutus Liber
Blue and White Male

Resides with Karolina Leitnerova of Tyrell Cattery in Prague



Ch Vande Bald's Katja Bronn
Blue Tortie and White Spayed Female

Show: 2005, NCFS Cat Club, Kimberley

Best Foreign Neuter




Gr Pr Vande Bald's Dante
Red Tabby Neutered Male


Resides with Retha in Johannesburg



Gr Pr Vande Bald's Amitola
Blue Point and White Neutered Male

Resides with Retha in Johannesburg




Vande Bald's Bobby-Lee
Cream Point Neutered Male



Vande Bald's Lapurr'dy

& Vande Bald's Mustafa





Vande Bald's Lapurr'dy
Black and White Spayed Female

Resides with Andre and Margaret Visagie in Richardsbay.




3 days old kittens



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