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Sphynx Studs




Gr Ch Classytouch Signature Series
 Imported from the USA

Gender: Neutered Male
D.O.B: 15 January 2000
Colour: Cream Point and White Neutered Male

Siggy scanned possitive for HCM in 2004 . He had a happy and wonderful live with our good friend Gloria Reid, after he was neutered. Sadley Siggy passed away at the beginning of 2009







Ch Vande Bald's Gino Gomez Venustus
Imported from Czech Republic

Gender: Neutered Male
Colour: Blue

Gino retired as a breeder. He now resides with Debbi Gregory as a beloved pet.








Vande Bald's Viola Red Steward van Anubis (Dikki)
Imported from Belgium

Gender:  Neutered Male
D.O.B: 25 March 2006
Colour: Red

Now resides with Willem and Marianne Aucamp as a loved pet


HCM scan: 7 Augustus 2007 - Result: Normal heart






Vande Bald Championsleaugue's Ptah
Imported from Russia

Gender:  Neutered Male
D.O.B: 25 February 2006
Colour: Seal Point and White

Now resides with Ritta van der Heever in Gauteng as a loving pet











Sp Ch Vande Bald's Belfry Tri Cera Spots NQ (Trice)
Imported from The USA

Gender:  Neutered Male
D.O.B: 10 June 2003
Colour: Blue Van

Now resides as a working stud with Elizabeth Swart of Disal cattery


HCM Scan: 19 April 2004 - Result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 8 April 2005 - Result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 4 April 2007 - Result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 24 March 2009 - Result: Normal heart


Sphynx Queens




 Sp Ch Vande Bald's Classytouch Franny NQ , DM (Franny)
Imported from the USA

Gender: Female
D.O.B: 24 July 2000
Colour: Chocolate

Franny is a F3 from a domestic outcross


Franny was retired in March 2010 . She was my first breeding cat and she will stay with me forever. She is the love of my life

Show Brags:
In 2001, Franny had a great year. She won Cat of The Day at the NC/FSCC show in Kimberley as well as the EPCC show in Port Elizabeth.

She also won Entire of the year at the SACC Cat of the Year and came 2nd overall.


Franny stayed at home for a couple of years to raise her babies, so she only Supremed in 2003.


She received her DM Title (Distinguished Merrit Title) in 2005.

HCM scan: 19 April 2004 - result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 8 April 2005 - result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 7 Augustus 2007 - Result: Normal heart
HCM scan: 24 March 2009 - Result: Normal heart







Vande Bald's Tyrell African Encounterer (Affy)
Imported form Czech Republic

Gender: Female
D.O.B: 10 July 2005
Colour: Brown Tabby and White

Affy now resides with Linne in Bloemfontein as a beloved pet


HCM scan: 7 Augustus 2007 - Result: Normal heart



Sphynx Cats Outcross Program



Priya Zinta

Gender: Female
D.O.B: 14 September 2005
Colour: Black Torbie Van

Priya is still with us as a loving pet


Priya is a F1 hybrid from a Domestics Sphynx crossing





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