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The Sphynx has a childlike personality, makes a wonderful companion for the person who is looking for a baby in their home, or someone who has never had children and would like to fill that empty space in their lives, or for the retired person or pensioner with an empty home.

The best way of describing the personality of the Sphynx is half child, half monkey, half kitten and half puppy. They are extremely intelligent, incredibly lovable, patient, social and tolerant with children, dogs and other animals.

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My name is Suzette van den Berg. My husband Phillip and I, live on a small farm about 10km outside Kimberley (the city of diamonds), in the centre of South Africa. When I stopped working, I started breeding with the Cornish Rex in 1998. I bought my first pet Sphynx, Fibel, in 1999 and received my first breeding Sphynx, Franny, in 2000. I now only breed with the Sphynx and American SHorthair.  


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